First Step in the Moving Checklist - Selecting a Mover

There are many things that need to be done in order to move successfully.  The first one that should be accomplished on your moving checklist is choosing a company to help you move.  Once you have selected a mover that you are comfortable with, everything else you have to do will be much easier.

There are many long and grueling activities involved in switching homes, condos, etc. that can cause a lot of stress for the people involved, which is not what you want when making such an important decision.  Thus, it is very important to take whatever steps you can to put yourself in the best position for accomplishing the move easily and quickly without hassle.  Creating a moving checklist will help you undertake a step-by-step method that will get everything done successfully without creating gray hairs.  The first step is to find a moving company that will accommodate you and the specific circumstances of your situation.

Securing a moving company early in the process will severely alleviate stress and help you better organize the rest of the steps you have to take in order to move houses.

Of all commonly known stressful situations, relocating your home generally falls near the top.  The difficulty of this task contributes to the fact that most people stay put and avoid the headache.  Due to the lack of experience most people have with moving, an entire realm of contractors has risen to help those faced with these responsibilities.

Residential Moving Companies

At this point, there are enough entities out there that are ready to help you with the process.  Your responsibility is to make sure you pick the right one.  Avoid the extra anguish your friends always tell you about the terrible companies they used, and take the time to do the appropriate research so you can be happy with the movers you ultimately choose.  Sit down and plan out the whole process so you can determine which steps you will want help for and which you can accomplish independently.

The Moving Checklist

It is vital to be fully aware of everything that you will need to do in order to get out of your current home and into your new one.  This is not only to make sure that all of your possessions make it to your new place of residency.  It is also to help you build a timeline of when to pack your belongings, clean both houses, move all of your stuff, and store anything, should you temporarily not have a place to live. Once you have created an all-encompassing moving checklist, it will be much easier to choose a mover based off of their comprehensive service offerings and availability to help you specifically when you will need them.

Other Things to Consider

Think about the availability of moving companies on a weekly and monthly basis.  Generally, their schedules tend to fill up at the end of the week and at the end of the month.  Thus, they may charge a premium for their services during those times, or they may offer discounts for the work they do with people that move during other times. Regardless, the sooner you contact the company you would like to use, the more likely it is that you will be able to lock them down for the specific time at which you want to start the process.

Some of the most heavily relied upon resources for making decisions like these are referrals and recommendations.  Whereas these are definitely strong sources of primary information, you need to recognize that others’ experiences may not have been under the same circumstances as your own.  For instance, the great moving company that your friend used to switch neighborhoods may not provide you with as quality of an experience if you are moving across counties or states.  Also, your friend may have used the movers to help with different aspects of their moving checklist than you were planning, so the experience may not translate.  Gather as much information as possible so you can make the smartest decision.

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